AI Game Challenge Generator

How to Use

This tool helps you generate creative and fun challenges for your favorite games. It uses an AI to create the challenges based on the parameters you select.

Example: Creating a Challenge for The Sims

  1. Enter "The Sims" in the Game Title input field.
  2. Choose "Roleplay + Builder" from the Challenge Type dropdown to simulate the life of a character along with building and designing houses.
  3. Select "Medium" as the Difficulty Level.
  4. Choose "Long (>2 hours)" as the Challenge Duration.
  5. Set the Craziness Factor to around 60 for unconventional gameplay.
  6. Keep the Morbidity/Cruelty Level low (e.g.,10) for a less cruel challenge.
  7. Click the "Generate Challenge" button and wait for the AI to generate a detailed challenge description.